Michael’s Missive August 9

First Pres Community –


Red ink.  Someone placed a copy of my sermons notes in my mail slot that corrected my grammatical mistakes with red ink.  Part of me appreciates the help.  But my first response was “really???”  Most of what I write is a flow of thought.  I run spell and grammar check…but I ain’t purfect.  Thankfully, we are a community of grace.


Red ink in budgets bother me also.


Why red?  I love red tomatoes and strawberries and wine.  We wear red for Pentecost…and the Chiefs…though it represents some other teams.  Rednecks can make me chuckle or make me…see red.  In China, I saw a bride in a red wedding dress. There are red: roses, herrings, faces, flags, hair, lights, skies, carpets.  Red hot, red blood, red handed, and the red planet.


Red pops up a lot of other places too…but I reckon you have red enough.


TONIGHT, summer Mission Speaker Kirk Perucca will be with us.  Rev. Perucca pastors Covenant Presbyterian Church in KC, a multiethnic congregation.  He chairs the Committee on Mission and Social Justice of Heartland Presbytery.  Dinner at 6:30pm, Presentation from 7-8pm, in our Fellowship Hall.  All are welcome.


THIS SUNDAY, at 9am and 11am, the sermon will be “Jesus Genes”.  This will conclude the summer series on “Characters” as we consider Christlikeness.   THIS SUNDAY, an Adult Class, will continue downstairs in the Resource Room during the Faith and Fellowship Hour.


THIS SUNDAY, all are invited to the CHURCH PICNIC at Harris Park beginning at 4pm.  Bring your own picnic, but come to enjoy some fun and conversation with all ages.  This is a great opportunity to get to know each other.


THIS SATURDAY, August 12, Men’s Breakfast will hear more about the mission trips from both kids and leaders at the men’s first gathering of the year.  7:30am in our Fellowship Hall.  All guys welcome.


Looking ahead:  Thursday, August 17, Keenagers will gather at Noon for a barbeque at the Haines.  Sunday, August 20, Rev. Amgad Megally preaches here.


Have a red letter day!


Your pastor and friend  Michael


Building Faith…..Bringing Hope…..Sharing Love