Michael’s Missive January 10

January 10, 2018   First Pres Community –   ***SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  KEENAGERS HAS BEEN POSTPONED A WEEK DUE TO ICY ROADS PREDICTED FOR TOMORROW!!!  (…now back to this week’s missive)   “Januweary.”  It’s my new word…and I think it fits.  Christmas is over.  The Chiefs losing leaves everyone disappointed.  Cloudy, damp, cold weather is making […]

December 6, 2017 First Pres Community – “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”. Since today is “St. Nicholas Day”…a little about the man behind the legend. Nicholas was born in 270, entered the priesthood and became the Bishop of Myra in Asia Minor (Turkey). Miracles associated with his prayers later elevated him to Catholic sainthood and his […]

KEENAGERS….Enjoy the Lee’s Summit High School “Sounds of Summit” Choir

KEENAGERS….we will enjoy the Lee’s Summit High School “Sounds of Summit” Choir on Thursday, December 14. The concert will begin at 11:30 am followed by lunch. The choir is directed by Chris Munce, former Choir Director at FPCLS. Lunch: $5. Sign-up sheet available in the Narthex. All are welcome!

November 15

    November 15, 2017   First Pres Community –       This Sunday, November 19 –   10am COMBINED WORSHIP   11ish  ANNUAL MEETING OF THE CONGREGATION       How is that for BIG news?   During Worship, 9ers and 11ers, will be together as ONE church as we reaffirm our Baptismal vows, […]

Michael’s Missive November 1

November 1, 2017   First Pres Community –   Happy All Saint’s Day!  Dating back to 750AD, November 1 has been a day when Christians remember and revere those who have entered the Church Triumphant.  And yes, there was a Halloween tie-in…but not to what Halloween has morphed into today.  All Saint’s Day is like […]


Michael’s Missive November 8

November 8, 2017   First Pres Community –   THE BIG WEEKEND IS HERE…and you are invited to everything!!!   Tomorrow, Thursday, November 9, Keenagers at the church, $5 for lunch at Noon, program by Hearing Health Associates.  Let Sharon know you are coming so she can plan accordingly.   THIS Saturday, November 11 is […]

Michael’s Missive October 25

First Pres Community –   Thank God Jesus saves…because I thought all of my documents were deleted!   Trying to free up space on my tablet, I deleted most of my documents not knowing I was deleting them from the cloud also.  That I discovered when I got on my work desktop Monday morning.  I, […]


Michael’s Missive October 18

First Pres Community –   Our 2nd Annual Mission Weekend is this weekend.  It is too easy for churches to become inwardly focused when Jesus sends all out to be his church in the world.  Many of you are involved regularly in serving others outside these 4 walls.  This church is great at giving to […]

Michael’s Missive August 30

First Pres Community –   Nature.  Wonder and devastation.  Praise and prayer.  Exaltation and intercession.   First, the eclipse.  Awe.  A jaw-dropping sight and experience that I will never forget.  The entire vacation was wonderful.  Beach time, time together, Portland time, time with friends, Timbers games, Central Oregon time, time with our son; it was […]