First Pres Community –

Seven eleven.  May it be a lucky day for you!  (7 11 is giving out free Slurpees )

Thankfully those youth in Thailand got lucky…or rather had prayers answered and saw hard work pay off.  Now may they recover and be reunited.  Like you, I kept hoping and praying for their rescue…and welcomed the news as it came.  Now we must continue to hope and pray when possible help other children and youth and families in need…both in our country and around the world.

Sunday’s sermon will consider God’s Kindness coming through God’s children.  My hero for kindness has long been Mr. Rogers.  His sensitivity, respect, and kindness to children and to those less fortunate continue to move me.  A Presbyterian minister, he taught – and showed – God’s kingdom in his “Neighborhood”.  I have not seen the movie about him that is out right now (“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”)…but I do look forward to it.

God’s kingdom is really what this series on the Fruit of the Spirit is all about…life in the Spirit is kingdom living…or as some say “kindom” living.

“Be Kind” will be the sermon at both the 9am and 11am services.  At 10am, there is a Summer Adult Class led by Carol Phillips in the Center Room using the Connections Bible Study Series.  Nursery care is available all morning.

Our Mission focus for July is for school supplies for Lee’s Summit Social Services.  Our Mission Action Team will also have a list out on their table regarding the current needs at Hillcrest.

This, information about and signup sheets for the upcoming Mission Week (July 23-27) will be in the outer Narthex.

Tomorrow, July 12, Keenagers are invited to bring a sack lunch and come for games and conversation.  Dessert provided.

Next Wednesday, July 18, our Summer Mission Speaker will be

See you Sunday!

Your pastor and friend Michael

Ps – Thank you to all who gave Session feedback for next week’s meeting!

Building Faith…Bringing Hope…Sharing Love