Michael’s Missives July 25, 2018

First Pres Community –

“Catch someone doing good?”  This is our campaign for the week beginning this Sunday.  Currently it is “Holy Humor” with many “funnies” up on the board on the way downstairs.

The English teachers in our midst will probably correct me that it is “doing well” instead of “doing good”…but that sounds odd.  “Doing well” makes me think of someone’s health or life circumstance.  We want to recognize and affirm the “Do gooders” in our midst.

The Apostle Paul didn’t get the memo on the campaign’s topic so my fruit on his list last Sunday was “goodness”.  This Sunday, it will be “faithfulness”.  Are you remembering all of them?  “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”  (If it helps…the second 4 all end with “ness”.)

“Faithing Life” is the sermon this Sunday at both the 9am and 11am services.  At 10am, there is a Summer Adult Class led by Carol Phillips in the Center Room using the Connections Bible Study Series.  Nursery care is available all morning.

Ebenezer Too will have an information table out so they can share with you.  You should have received the mailing.  We were all surprised when the bulk mailing was delivered on the next day…when sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks!  Commitments can be made any time.  Since last Sunday, we have received $147,500 from commitment cards received just this week!  Thanks be to God.  We will dedicate all the commitments made on August 19 and then have a Celebration Sunday on August 26.

Our Mission focus for July is for school supplies for Lee’s Summit Social Services.  Our Mission Action Team will also have a list out on their table regarding the current needs at Hillcrest.

THIS SUNDAY is also our All Church Picnic at 4pm at the church (inside and out).  Lots of fun planned.  Food provided, donations welcome…burgers, dogs, chips, and homemade ice cream.

Lastly, the sign is up!    Playground delivered and should be put up next week.  (Thank you youth and all who showed up to help.  All of you did good.)

See you Sunday!  Until then, get out there and do some good.

Your pastor and friend Michael

 Ps – Our Mission Week is going on right now.  All well as they are making a difference serving the Lord through doing good throughout Lee’s Summit and the greater KC area.   Keep them in your prayers…along with all those listed below.

Building Faith…Bringing Hope…Sharing Love