First Pres Community –

“Be True to Your School” was a great song by the Beach Boys.  Now seems a “be true” time.

For me, a graduate of Oregon State University who is playing Arkansas currently for the College World Series…well, you know who I am rooting for (and why I am sleep deprived…Go Beavs!)

Watching the World Cup, it is exciting to see fans from all over the world supporting their teams…come what may…including unlikely match ups like Iceland play Argentina, Tunisia play Panama, or Japan play Senegal.  To me, it is just fun to watch…the hard-fought games and the passionate, “be true” fans from all around the world.

For America, a week from today is Independence Day…a time for us to “be true” and to celebrate our country.  (By the way, no Missive next week as my grandkids will be in town ).

For our church, we are launching into a “be true” to our church time as we seek to raise $750,000 for improvements to our building and grounds for our paying it forward to the next generation as we enhance our church home.  Money from Reserves will help us get going before winter (the gift mentioned in last week’s message), but Session intends that to be a loan to be repaid from monies raised.  This is an exciting summer and time for our church.

Session is seeking your input about the Fellowship Hall Worship Space.  I held a Snack n Yak last Sunday and will again on July 8 at 10am in the FSH.  And a Survey is available to get feedback from everyone.  113 have turned in right now.  After 3 weeks we will look at the names to mail to those we have not heard from.  I am including it below if you want to run it off and mail it in.  Our hope is for everyone to be heard as Session seeks to discern God’s guidance for us.

THIS SUNDAY the sermon will be on “God’s peace” and Communion will be celebrated at both the 9am and 11am services.  At 10am, there is no Adult Class this week but a new one led by Carol Philllips will begin on July 8.  Nursery care is available all morning.

TRAVELING DAY CAMP this week is going great!!!  We made it through the storm yesterday and are ready for the heat tomorrow.  Today was the horses…a highlight for everyone!  Many thanks to all our volunteers!  And please keep this in your prayers.

Next Wednesday the church office will be closed.

So “Be True” to your school, team, America, First Pres!

See you Sunday –

Your pastor and friend Michael

 Ps – Have a happy Fourth of July!!!

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