Michael’s Missives, August 22, 2018

First Pres Community –

Celebration and self-control. Interesting mixture in Worship this Sunday.

Self-control. I love peanut M&Ms. I could (and have) made a meal out of them. And every Sunday, it seems, in the Outer Narthex is a nice big bowl of M&Ms. And every Sunday, we pray “and lead us not into temptation.” And out we go with a table of goodies before us…including M&Ms! Ironic? Cruel? Blessing? Reward (or bribe) for sitting through church? Or a test of willpower? (Mine at least.) Shouldn’t “won’tpower” be a word?

THIS SUNDAY the sermon will be on “Self-Control”, the final Fruit of the Spirit.

THIS SUNDAY will also be “Celebration Sunday” as we close this part of the Ebenezer Too campaign. Of course, we will continue to welcome additional commitments at any time in the coming days, months, and years. Celebration Sunday will celebrate the faith, generosity and vision of these giving commitments to our place of Christian love, worship, education and mission. As of now, 64 pledges have been received for $356,675. Including monies given when the campaign started the total is $415,840. We thank you and we celebrate what God is doing in our midst. We also celebrate the 38 people (64 counting Session & consultants) who have been working towards these endeavors in our 4 Task Forces and new Fellowship Hall Update Group (FHUG). We will commission FHUG for their work this Sunday, just as we commissioned the TFs.

THIS SUNDAY at 11am, we will welcome Jacob Lowry, our new Director of Music. We also thank Courtney Williams as she concludes that portion of her ministry here.

THIS SUNDAY, in addition to the above at both the 9am and 11am services, there will be an Adult class downstairs in the Center Room at 10am and Teacher’s Training for Sunday School Teachers at 10am. Nursery care is available all morning.

Looking ahead: Saturday, September 1, Women’s Breakfast Group has been cancelled (Labor Day Weekend). Sunday, September 9, Kickoff Sunday (Rally Day) with Slugger, meet your Teachers, and the return of Choir. Sunday, September 16, Classes begin.

See you Sunday! (I might have clean hands and a chocolate smile. ?)

Your pastor and friend Michael

Building Faith…Bringing Hope…Sharing Love