Michael’s Missives February 5, 2019

First Pres Community –

Weather watch, Scouts Sunday, and a “not-so super” Bowl –

If there is freezing rain on Wednesday and LS cancels school, then the church offices will be closed and there will be no Logos, Bells, and Choir. Apparently, LS Schools never open late…so if the weather warms up in the afternoon, you may want to contact your leaders: Curt, Sharon, or Jacob just to be sure.

Sunday…chance of snow…imagine that. If we close it will be posted on kmbc and online.

Remember if you stay home and if we hold service…you can still be with us online.

THIS SUNDAY is SCOUT SUNDAY! Scouts from our Troops 323 will be helping lead Worship at the 11am service. All Scouts and Girl Scouts are invited to come in uniform. The sermon will be “Fishing with Jesus” at both the 9am and 11am services. During the 10am Faith and Fellowship Time, classes for all ages are held. Nursery care is provided all morning.

THIS FRIDAY, the Elizabeth Bible Study at 9:30am. All women are welcome.

THIS SATURDAY, the Men’s Breakfast begins at 7:45am. All men are invited.

Lastly, that “not-so super” Bowl. Yes, I watched (except for the last 2 minutes), but I half-watched as we purged old files. The game seemed boring, the commercials forgettable, and the half-time show lost it’s shirt. HOWEVER, there were some super things about it all: 1) Patrick Mahomes as KC’s first League MVP (including thanking God first), 2) both Tony Gonzalez and Johnny Robinson being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and 3) pulled pork and ribs from the Youth fundraiser! Here’s to next year being a truly “Super” Bowl.

Have a blessed week.

Stay warm. Be Safe.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Your pastor and friend Michael

Building Faith…..Bringing Hope…..Sharing Love

Ps – Two big announcements from our DCE Curt Likins:

1 – The Annual Youth Auction/Dinner has been changed to SATURDAY, APRIL 13!!! This is different than what is in your CNN. Mark your calendars for SATURDAY, APRIL 13 (not 27).

2 – Heartland Presbytery Camp costs have been reduced and are filling up fast. To register, to look at the camp offerings and availability, to see what those costs now are and to check out scholarship opportunities please log on to the camp website at www.HeartlandCamps.org or call Heartland at (816) 891-1078 and speak to one the camp experts. Additional scholarships are also available through our church as well and brochures are available outside Curt’s office.