First Pres Community –

Sick. Sick of being sick and sick of slippery Sundays.

Last Sunday was a tough call. I had group texts going with Session, Staff, and some other pastors. I was following the news on tv and online. Brummell came out both Saturday and Sunday. I was here at the church early Saturday evening and mid-morning Sunday. There were some slick spots in the parking lot, but mostly at the south curbs. I thought it was fine for 11 at church, however many of LS side streets were a mess. With the Scouts and their families, we had about 120 in worship…mostly guests…plus another 100 or so online.

KMBC only gives us the option of saying we are closed…so I did not notify them. Holding 11am only was a first-time call for me. I would have contacted KMBC on Sunday morning had things been worse…thankfully they were not.

Early forecast has more of the slippery stuff for this Sunday (of course). However, Wednesday night is “on” for the first time in weeks. And they say we might get in the 50s! Woo hoo! Then comes Friday and Saturday. We’ll see. I am sick of the slippery Sundays…and I know some parents sick of the slippery weekdays.

And I am sick of being sick. I have had my share of colds this winter…as have a number of you. It is good that we are nodding or elbow bumping instead of shaking hands during greeting or else our passing the peace might become passing of the germs. And I have to curtail personal visits…except for phone visits. Meetings, I need to be there, but I will keep my distance. Lots of handwashing and sanitizer folks. Keep mindful and in prayer for those around us dealing with chronic illness or illnesses far worse than a common cold.

It is ironic – or maybe providential – that this Sunday’s sermon is on the healing ministry of Jesus and the power of his touch…when I am sick and not touching anyone.

THIS SUNDAY, Worship at both 9am and 11am. The sermon will be “Hospitality and Healing”. During the 10am Faith and Fellowship Time, classes for all ages are held. Nursery care is provided all morning.

TONIGHT – Logos at 5:30pm (movie night!); Bells at 6:30pm; Choir at 7:30pm.

TOMORROW – Keenagers at Noon. “Matters of the Heart” is the program. Cost of the lunch is $5. Everyone is welcome!

Tomorrow is also Valentine’s Day. Remember God loves you…and we do too!

Lastly, check KMBC on Saturday evening and Sunday morning if the weather is sick.

Be well. Be Safe.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Your pastor and friend Michael

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