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Methodists.  Sunday.  Ash Wednesday.  Lent.  Corporation Meeting.

Please pray for our Methodist friends and their denomination.  A Special Conference concluded yesterday that decided on a direction that impacts them all.  Our Presbyterian denomination covers only the US.  The Methodist denomination is global.  Agreement is hard enough in ours, it is even more so for them.  We know their pain.  I appreciate that the PCUSA adopted a “One Church” plan that allows clergy and churches to decide LGBT issues for themselves…and that we have chosen to welcome everyone and their ministries and their relationships here.  Again, please have them in your prayers.

Prayer is an important part of the Season on Lent.  Ash Wednesday is NEXT Wednesday, March 6.  We will have a brief service, 7:00 to 7:20 in the Fellowship Hall.  Everyone, all ages, are welcome.  That is important here at First and in our denomination…ALL are welcome.

As Lent begins, many take on spiritual disciplines to deepen their spiritual life and to help prepare them for Easter.  Some give up desserts as a fast to the Lord.  Some give up Facebook. Some give up bad habits or bad attitudes.  Some take on additional prayer time.  Some take on new disciplines of exercise or eating healthy.  Some spend more time with their family or in service to others.  Some give every day an item of clothing they never wear to a social agency.  Some give the cost of a meal at every dinner for One Great Hour of Sharing.

Sally Wright of our Heartland Presbytery staff is putting out a daily devotional focused on reconciliation that is available through their Christian Formation FB page.  I like using d365 which brings a devotional to my email every morning (it’s free & you just sign up for it).

The key is to prayerfully decide what works for you…and as Nike says “Just Do It.”  If you falter or forget, then recommit and get back at it.  Lent lasts 40 days so this is quite a commitment… but that is the idea.  Remember whatever you choose is an offering to the Lord.  This is not a New year’s resolution.  This is your spiritual offering to our God.

This Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday when we remind ourselves immediately prior to Lent… how awe-some is our God.

THIS SUNDAY, the sermon will be “Speechless” and Communion will be celebrated at both the 9am and 11am Services of worship.  During the 10am Faith and Fellowship Time, classes for all ages are held.  Nursery care is provided all morning.

Please note that even though Sunday will be March (yeah!), the forecast at this time calls for snow or ice (boo!)  If we do have to cancel, we will try hard to make the call on Saturday evening.  However, you may need to check KMBC before coming in on Sunday morning.

TONIGHT – Once again…NO Logos, Bells, and Choir.  Schools closed due to ice this morning.

THIS SATURDAY (weather permitting) – Women’s Breakfast at the church at 8:30am.

Lastly, on Sunday March 10, a lot is happening.  Sunday March 10, our Annual Corporation Meeting will be at 10:35am in the Main Sanctuary.  We introduce our Corporate Officers, hear the Annual Statistical Report, hear about our Fund activity for the year, update you on Ebenezer Too, and observe a moment for those who died in 2018.  Sunday Evening March 10, our “March Madness” event will be held with games for children and fun for all.  Games at 4pm, Potluck Dinner at 5pm (meat provided).  Sign up in the Narthex.  Sunday March 10 is also the beginning of Daylight Savings Time.

See you this Sunday!   (At least I am praying that I will.)

Your pastor and friend  Michael

Building Faith…..Bringing Hope…..Sharing Love