Michael’s Missives for May 1, 2019

First Pres Community –

Happy May Day!  Not to be confused with “Mayday!”.  The first is a celebration of Spring, the other is a distress call.  And no, I am not wishing you a happy distressed call…though you may feel like making one during this wet and stormy week.  I am wishing you happiness during grey skies and flowers on your doorstep instead of standing water.  Context is everything.

Sometimes people are misled by religious authorities or misread Scripture…and do what they are told or obey what they think it says…and it can bring ungodly consequences.  Literalism and legalism can be dangerous.

This Sunday, we will consider a religious zealot who actually murdered people who believed differently than him.  Sounds like the evening news, doesn’t it?  This religious zealot’s name was Saul of Tarsus.  We will consider Saul’s story and what it has to do with us.

This Sunday, we will also come to the Lord’s Table to observe the Lord’s Supper at both the 9am and 11am services. During the 10am Faith and Fellowship Time, classes for all ages are held.  Nursery care is provided all morning.

This week…construction, rather deconstruction has begun.  Slow going because of the weather.

You may walk across plywood to get in the front door on Sunday, but it will be safe.

Next week, Keenagers to a dairy farm on Wednesday (note the different day) and on Thursday, May 16, Keenagers will welcome Courtney William’s choir from Pleasant Lea Middle School at 11am (note the different time).

Then, Sunday May 12, Mother’s Day.  Make brunch/lunch reservations now for after church and make points by bringing her to church first (or telling your kids they can take you to church first).  “Mothersday!  Mothersday!”  (You have been warned.)

Tonight – Logos finale fun night begins at the church at 5:30pm.  Also, Bells at 6:30pm, and Choir at 7:30pm.

See you Sunday –

Your pastor and friend  Michael

Building Faith…..Bringing Hope…..Sharing Love