Michael’s Missives for June 5, 2019

First Pres Community –

10AM * 10AM * 10AM * 10AM * 10AM * 10AM * 10AM * 10AM * 10AM

What time is Worship THIS Sunday?  10am!

PENTECOST SUNDAY is a day the First Pres community gathers as ONE church.  In Acts 2, we are told how God’s Spirit came upon believers that day to do a new thing…to create a new covenant community out of diverse people who placed their faith in Jesus as Messiah…in Jesus as Lord and Savior.  That day, 3000 people came to believe in Christ and the Early Church was born.  Pentecost is the Birthday of Christ’s Church…so every year Pentecost is celebrated.

What time?  10am!  I am repeating that over and over to get the message through.  We try with bulletin announcements, worship announcements, CNN, missives, signage, Facebook, and word of mouth to always get church community messages out.  Sometimes we fail and sometimes things change, but please read and note messages that come your way…we are trying to communicate.  Good communication is vital to good community.

Back to this Sunday…what time?  10am!  WEAR RED which is the liturgical color for Pentecost.  Our Annual Church Photo will be taken at the close of Worship.  During Pentecost there is always amazing music and a festive atmosphere.  For the message, I have invited the Rev. Dee Cooper, the Interim Executive Presbyter for Heartland Presbytery, to preach to us.  I have found her to be creative, energetic, and insightful…and I welcome her bringing God’s word to us on Pentecost.  Because of time constraints, let me know of any announcement, moments for mission, or joys and concerns that you would like for me to share for you (we won’t have an open floor or mic).

After the Annual Church Photo, we will share a chicken dinner together.  It is a wonderful opportunity for us as a church to simply be together.  So, plan to stay for a bit, get to meet some new people, and enjoy time together.

Next Wednesday night, June 12, our Summer Mission Nights begin with Matt Sanning, Executive Director of Lee’s Summit Social Services sharing with us.  Everyone is invited for Dessert at 6:30pm and the Presentation from 7-8pm.

Looking ahead, June 24-28 will be Travelling Day Camp here at First Pres.  Register children asap at heartlandcamps.org to ensure a spot (they are going quick!)  Sign up sheets for volunteers are in the entryway.

Lastly, on the eve of the 75th Anniversary of DDay, take a moment to read about and reflect on the sacrifice and significance of the day for all of us.  Pray for all those who grieve loss of loved ones, for their sacrifice to be remembered, and for peace throughout this world.

See you Sunday…at what time???  That is right, 10am!

Your pastor and friend  Michael

Building Faith…..Bringing Hope…..Sharing Love