Michael’s Missives for September 11, 2019

First Pres Community –

First, 9/11.  Be certain to remember what occurred 18 years ago today…the lives that were lost, the attacks which were made, the heroes who responded, and how our world was changed that day.  Observe a moment of silence.  Maybe sing the first verse of “God Bless America.”  Pray “never again” and as always, pray for peace in our country and in this world.

Second, Sunday School starts THIS SUNDAY!  In addition to the classes for children and youth which are downstairs, there are 5 adult classes.

1-The Value of Doubt by Bill Tammeus led by Nancy Tapp in the Center Room (downstairs).

2-Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life by Tish Harrison led by Ann Ditty and Barbara Muckey (Women’s Discussion Group) in the Lounge (upstairs).

3-Man to Man by Charles Swindoll (Men’s Group) in Room 118 (downstairs).

4-Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism by John Shelby Spong led by Stan Howell in the Library/Resource Room (downstairs).

5-Unshakeable Hope: building Our Lives on the Promises of God by Max Lucado led by Courtney Williams (contemporaries) at the end of the CE wing (downstairs).

Note: For women, there is also the Elizabeth Bible Study led by Carol Phillips on Friday mornings at 9:30am in the Library/Resource Room.  They are currently studying Jeremiah using the book Be Decisive.

This Sunday, the sermon at both the 9am and 11am services will be “God Finds Us” as we return to messages tied to what our children are learning in Sunday School during our 10am Faith and Fellowship Hour.  Nursery care is provided all morning.

Tomorrow (Thursday) at 8:30am, Keenagers travel to Shatto Milk Company for a 10:30am tour.  Cracker Barrel for lunch.  $6 for tour and cost of lunch.

Tonight, Bells at 6:30pm and Choir at 7:30pm.

This Saturday, the Celebration of Life service for Don Wood will be at 2pm.

Lastly, I will be on vacation, September 16-23, back at it on the 24th.  If you need pastoral assistance in by absence, contact Stephen Leader John Field.  There will be no missive next week.  Next Wednesday though, please keep in your prayers Lee’s Summit High School.  Westboro Baptist Church has planned a picket there prior to school on that day.  This is in response to an LGBTQ event that day and in retaliation against teachers who pressured the district to move the beginning of the year convocation because the church it was to be held in had beliefs contrary to the LGBTQ Community.  The school asked the LS Ministerial Association that there be NO counter-protest since media coverage is what WBC is after.  The school has plans for directing traffic and for conversing with students. They hope to keep things as low key as possible.  The LS Ministerial Alliance has written to the school, school board, and school district that we will comply with their request and that it is our belief that we are all children of God, regardless of orientation. “Everyone deserves love and respect, not the hate and anger that Westboro picketers distribute in communities all over this country. This is even more important when we are talking about the young people in our community.”  Thank you for keeping this in your prayers.

In the faith, hope, and love of Jesus –

Your pastor and friend  Michael