First Pres Community –

I am writing today because tomorrow Wednesday (tomorrow) is dicey.  Dicey as in “icy”…though “dsnowy” might be more accurate.  And since this is only October…I thought I better review our closure policy.

If LS Schools are closed…so is the Church Office…and church activities are cancelled as well.

If the schools open late, the Church Office will open late…and church activities will occur (though you may want to confirm with the leaded of your activity.)  On Sundays, watch your local news for “Church Closings” on KMBC (we try to make the call by Saturday evening).  We also put it on our website and Facebook.  Any calls made is done so after consulting both Staff and Session.  The main guideline for all is BE SAFE.  You make the call for you.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT…we will see.  If we are open, then: Logos from 5:30-7:30pm.  Youth Group, 6:30-7:30pm.  Bells at 6:30pm and Choir at 7:30pm.

THURSDAY NIGHT…a safe, warm, and happy Halloween to all.

THIS FRIDAY, service for Ed Felps at 11am.  Visitation at 10am.

THIS SATURDAY, Women’s Breakfast Gathering at 8:30am.

THIS SUNDAY, Communion will be celebrated and the sermon at both the 9am and 11am services will be “THIS Is the Day”.  At 10am, a Pastor’s Welcome Class will be offered in my Study.  Also at 10am, during our Faith and Fellowship Hour, Sunday School for all ages is offered (including 5 adult classes).  Nursery care is provided all morning.

Last Sunday, the Trunk or Treat and the Chili Cook-Off events were outstanding.  Lots of children and families…even some in the neighborhood who came because they saw it on the sign out front!  14 trunks outsides, jammed with people downstairs, and a fun time was had by all.  10 tasty chilis and great interactions.  Thank you and well done to all involved!

Lastly, please keep all affected by wildfires in your prayers along with all the firefighters.  My sister is in Vallejo and I know the areas affected (having lived there.)  May the winds and fires subside, may lives be kept safe and help received, may peace and comfort be with all.

Please keep all of those listed below in your prayers.

In the faith, hope, and love of Jesus –

Your pastor and friend  Michael

Ps – I was just told it was October 29, 20+ years ago, when you got 6 inches of snow in KC…plus power outages!  So be safe and stay warm.