First Pres Community –


10am All Church Blended Worship

9am    Fellowship Time (begins)

11:11  Annual Meeting

12:12  Hanging of the Greens

Yes, it IS a big deal.  With 2 different services, it is easy for those here to experience and connect with 2 different congregations.  2 different places of worship, 2 different types of music, 2 different styles of worship, 2 different experiences.  Yet, we are 1 church.  1 faith we profess.  1 vision we share.  1 mission we join in. 1 place we call our church home.  1 pastor.  1 Session.  1 Staff.  1 in fellowship.  1 in education.  1 in ministries.  1 in Christ.

Our “Unity in Christ” will be the focus for our 10AM WORSHIP this Sunday.  We will share in the Sacraments we hold of Baptism and Communion.  We will hear about a new ministry we now offer.  We will learn about a new prayer endeavor for us all.  We will celebrate our unity in Christ as ONE church.

Afterwards, we will move into our ANNUAL MEETING OF THE CONGREGATION.  The 2020 budget adopted by Session will be presented, the Pastor’s Terms of Call will be voted on, and the election of new Elders and the next Nominating Committee will be held along with any other necessary business including an update on Ebenezer Too.  Nominated to serve as Ruling Elders are: Class of 2020: Don Buss, Donna Haines; Class of 2021: (1st term) Colleen Akard, Lee Arnold, Russ Headley, Barbara Muckey, Michael Murphy; Class of 2021 (2nd term) Tom Beaver, Lance Dwyer, Becky Gordy, Randy Stone.  Nominated for the At-Large representatives to the 2020 Nominating Committee are: John Ball, George Bandre, Jessica Dwyer, Katie Murphy.  Additional nominations may be received from the floor with that members prior consent.  All members are expected to attend…everyone is welcome.  To assist your preparation, copies of the 2019 Annual Report along with the 2020 Budget and Terms of Call are printed and in the Narthex.

Beforewards, we will enjoy pumpkin goodies and caffeine together…and unrushed, animated conversations!

After the meeting, those who can stay are invited to do so as we decorate our church for the Christmas season.  We don’t need a ton or people, but we do want you all to feel welcome.  We do have to work under direction as it is a process.  We can always use some strong backs and creative eyes and helpful spirits.  It takes a bit of time…but not to awfully long.  It all helps with our getting ready for Advent…which begins Thanksgiving weekend Sunday.


Tonight – Logos at 5:30pm.  Youth at 6:30pm.  Bells at 6:30pm.  Choir at 7:30pm.

Lastly, Mission Action Team is holding a gently used Blanket and Coat Drive throughout the month of November.  And the Angel Tree is now up for Christmas Gifts for you to give to local children through Lee’s Summit Social Services.

See you this Sunday……….at what time?

Your pastor and friend  Michael