First Pres Community –

Welcome baby Caleb!!

First of all, thank you to all who shared in our combined service and Annual Meeting.  The service WAS like a Thanksgiving feast.  The Baptism of Amara Wray and being remined of our own Baptism; outstanding music; the sermon featuring the turkey ; the Communion of the Saints; and the introduction of our 2 new ministries.  It is a true blessing to have Dr. Laura Voss have her medical ministry to the community here and for us to work with her in this endeavor.  And it is a great challenge that Outreach AT has given to us to join together in the Breakthrough Prayer every day at 6:57am or 6:57pm (aka 18:57).  Thank you to all who attended and participated in the Annual Meeting!  Lastly, thank you to those who stayed for the Hanging of the Greens (decorating the church for Christmas).

Second of all, welcome to Bill Tammeus will be sharing during the 10am hour, THIS SUNDAY.  Bill is an Elder at Second Presbyterian Church in KC.  He is an award-winning journalist, has covered religion for decades for The Kansas City Star, The Presbyterian Outlook and The National Catholic Reporter, as well as in his daily “Faith Matters” blog. The author of a number of books, including The Value of Doubt which our Ladder of Faith class has been reading.  Everyone is welcome.

Third of all is for Thursday when we give thanks to God.

Fourth of all, because Thursday is Thanksgiving, there will be no Logos, Bells or Choir on Wednesday.

Fifth of all, brings us back to THIS SUNDAY, the First Sunday of Advent.  Worship will be at 9am and 11am.  There will be no communion this Sunday since we celebrated it last Sunday, However, if you are there and wanting Communion, I will serve you following either service.  10am is our Faith and Fellowship time with Sunday School for all ages.  Nurserycare is lovingly provided all morning.

Last of all, the Angel Tree is still up for Christmas Gifts for you to give to local children through Lee’s Summit Social Services.

Most of all…Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

See you Sunday.

Your pastor and friend  Michael

Building Faith…..Bringing Hope…..Sharing Love

Ps – Caleb Alan Lowry was born Monday afternoon, 8lbs, 20.5 inches.  Difficult delivery but doing well.  Do keep Caleb and Laura in your prayers for health, healing and recovery…as well as Jacob for some much-needed rest.  Praise God and congratulations!