First Pres Community –

The Chiefs are in the Super Bowl !!!   Some of you have 50 years or a lifetime to heart those words.  Congratulations.  May they get’er done.

For me, there were some anxious moments in the last 2 games.  Like you, I stared at the tv in disbelief when everything went wrong and they fell behind Houston 24-0…then they scored on the next 7 possessions.  And against Tennessee, I remained anxious even when we were up 17 with only a few minutes left…against a running team.  SF is a running team and I believe the Chiefs can get’er done again.  Do you believe?

THIS SUNDAY – the sermon at both the 9am & 11am service will be “D.U.B.”  The Noisy Offering will go towards Cherith Brook, a ministry helping the homeless and needy in inner KC. During the 10am Faith and Fellowship time, all classes for all ages will be held…including 5 adult classes.  Nursery care is provided all morning.

THIS SUNDAY – you will also be hearing from our Outreach Action Team about an online survey that they are asking everyone to take some time over the next month…and to remember to pray our pray our breakthrough prayer every day.

THIS SUNDAY – is your last opportunity to place your order in with our Youth for thier Super Bowl Sunday fundraiser of making and selling pulled pork sandwiches ($5) and slabs of ribs ($15).  You know you are going to watch it, maybe with a bunch of friends, so why not get some super food to enjoy while you do.

THIS SUNDAY – “SOUPer Bowl” table should be full of canned goods to show your support for the Chiefs while helping the hungry by bringing canned soups.  It will also be up next week.  Will there be any cans for San Francisco?  Who knows…kind of like the weather right now…

As I write this, even though Lee’s Summit Schools have not cancelled, our programs leaders here have had to made decisions based on what they are hearing from people.  Usually it is an easy call, but 33-34 and snow/sleet/rain is not. So…

TONIGHT – Wednesday evening activities are still on.  Logos at 5:30, Youth Group at 6:30, Bells at 6:30, and Choir at 7:30.  Please, do not come if you do not feel safe.

As a friendly reminder:  the church office closes when LS schools close…and our activities get cancelled as well.  If Sunday is ever iffy, watch your local news for “Church Closings” on KMBC (we will contact them).  One station is more reliable than trying to contact all since there are so many and they all have different procedures (logins, passwords, etc.).  Hopefully we can also put it on our website and Facebook.  The main guideline is BE SAFE.

See you Sunday.  GO CHIEFS!!!

Your pastor and friend  Michael

Ps – LAST WEEKEND – It was great to see the mobile mammogram in our parking lot on Saturday and our medical clinic at it again last Sunday afternoon.  Special thanks to Tom Eagle for enabl9ing those waiting to be able to watch the game.