Well the flu just took away last week (so no Missive).  Influenza type A is nasty stuff…so bad that you might want to do a virus scan on your computer after reading this. 🙂  Thank you to Barb Sherer for stepping in to preach and everyone else who helped out in my absence.

Much of what I was working on before the flu had to do with our hosting Presbytery.  Many of you have signed up to assist in some way.  Thank you.  I have included teams and times below; details will be given when you arrive.  For all volunteers, if able, please park in Presentation’s parking lot.  Wear the blue polo shirt if you can, if you don’t have one or want something warmer…that is fine too.  Prayers appreciated that all goes well.

Front-door Greeters (8-9) – Mike Ditty, Tom Beaver

Sanctuary Greeters (8-9) – Vera Martin, Caryl Schieszer

Sell Lunch Tickets (8-9) – Barb Stone, Donna Haines

Ticket Taker (11:30) – Carol Gerdel, Tom Beaver

Coffee service (8-2) – *Marg & George Bandre, Deana Antle

Parking (8-9) – Michael Murphy, Joel Covinsky, Cliff Horton, Fred Scheiszer, Randy Stone

Security (9-3) – Michael Murphy, Joel Covinsky

Kitchen (9:30-11:30) – Sharon Pyburn, Marilyn & Mike Terry, Judi Gehrke, Sarah Apperson

Clean up (1:30-3:30) – Becky Gordy, Collene Akard, Youth, Merle Turney, Curt Likins

Wash tablecloths (pick up Sunday) – Merle Turney, Tom & Martha Eagle, Peter & LaWanda Roudebush

Communion – Brad & Sheila Harris

Ushers to take offering (9a worship) – Dale & Berna Jean Norman, Elfriede Marley, Merle Oleson, Peter             Roudebush, Donna Cusick, Fred & Caryl Schieszer

Count offering (9:30) – Mike & Marilyn Terry

Audio-visual – Tom Eagle, Monte Holcomb

Childcare – Cassandra Pyburn, Breeanna Bell

First Aid services – Sarah Apperson

Decorations – Judy Holcomb

GROW liaison – * Curt Likins

Office & Volunteer Coordinator – Diane McKee

So…..SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22 – COMBINED Heartland Presbytery Meeting & GROW Event, 9am-3pm.  Keynote address by Denise Anderson, Co-Moderator of the 2016 General Assembly and current Coordinator for Racial and Intercultural Justice for the PCUSA.  8am, Registration; 9-10:30am – Welcome, Worship, and Keynote; 10:30 – Workshop; 11:30-1:30, Lunch and Presbytery Business Meeting; 1:30-2:30, Workshop; 2:30-3, Communion and Sending.  You are welcome to come for worship, the keynote, or part of the meeting.  It is good for everyone to experience this important part of our being connected as Presbyterians.

THIS SUNDAY – Michael Megraw from Heartland Camps will be sharing at both the 9am & 11am services.  I will be there.  During the 10am Faith and Fellowship time, all classes for all ages will be held…including 5 adult classes (all downstairs).  Michael Megraw will be sharing with our children some during the SS time.  Nursery care is provided all morning.

THIS SUNDAY, the “Readiness 360 Survey” can be filled out in our church office between services.  Or you can fill it out yourself as https://app.readiness360.org/survey/login and enter the survey code “4089932853”  Questions to Brian Boye or Mike Ditty.  The survey ends March 1.  Remember to pray daily our Breakthrough Prayer and to pray for those listed below.

Tonight – 5:30, Logos; 6:30, Youth; 6:30, Bells; 7:30, Choir

Lastly, we are now hosting 9 Music Teachers displaced by the Shining Light Music Store fire.  Thank you – Diane McKee and Sharon Pyburn – for helping us open our doors to them.

See you Saturday, Sunday, or soon.

Your pastor and friend  Michael