First Pres Community –

How ya doin’?  Hopefully by now most of you have received a phone call from someone from church to check in on you.  If you haven’t, let me know and I will get you on someone’s list.  It is important for you to reach out to each other as well.  If you miss the people you sit by on Sundays or are in a class/group with, give them a call.  I truly believe that growing closer to one another as a church family can be a blessing to come out of this stay home time.

Tuesday evening, Session met via Zoom with 17 out of 18 Elders there.  Many of the action teams and groups are beginning to utilize virtual meetings.  The Young Adults will be meeting for both their class and group time via Zoom. Contact Emily Wegner for invites.  Curt Likins is setting up Zoom opportunities for our Youth.  Cassandra Pyburn has been putting some great videos on FB for our children.

We continue to collect food for Lee’s Summit Social Services in the food bin.  Two bin loads were taken last week.  You may drop off donations or if you want them picked up, leave a message at the church.  Even if the office closed, we are checking the messages.

Please let us know if you need someone to grocery shop for you, pick up a prescription, or get you to an appointment.  Contact me, if you are needing financial assistance.  Lastly, we have Stephen Ministers trained to care for those going through difficult times, contact one of our Stephen Leaders.

Last week our Men’s Groups responded with a carload of supplies for Cherith Brook serving the needy in KC.  And we took a carload of cookies and help to One Good Meal who remain in operation.  Thank you all for your sharing and caring.

And I loved seeing a pick of one of our church families watching our online service, Bibles out,  all together at the kitchen table.  Post a picture so your FB friends might join in too.  You may access it on our FB page or website  Special thanks to Tom Eagle and Monte Holcomb for all of their extra work on our online services.

Love God, Love One Another, Love Your Neighbor.  The Great Commandment and the New Commandment are what this time is about.  We can – and are – growing in all areas.

This Sunday’s online sermon is “Can These Bones Live?”  Ezekiel 37:1-11 and John 11:17-44 will be our texts.  There may be a surprise too…and no, not my bathrobe.

Lastly, remain steadfast with your prayers (remember Philippians 4:6-7?).  Pray through the list below and if there are corrections or additions to be made, email the church office.  We all need God’s help, peace, and presence as we go through this together.

Like my Mom always said: “This too shall pass.”  Be safe.  Be blessed.

In the faith, hope, and love of Jesus –

Your pastor and friend  Michael

Ps – This is coming to you on Thursday because of glitches in setting up my church computer in my home.  God bless tech support…and social connections in this time of social distancing.