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Michael’s Missives for May 14, 2019

First Pres Community – Walk like a duck.  On ice, on mud, in construction zones…small, conscious, cautions steps work best.  Don’t be in a hurry.  As church family, our concern is everyone’s safety. Enter with care.  The front door will be accessible on Sundays as it was last Sunday.  During the week, you may need […]

Michael Missives for May 8, 2019

First Pres Community – Moats, mothers, music, and mobility. Moats. The church has a moat.  Construction has been curtailed at the moment, because there is a moat outside the front door on either side of the walway.  Apparently, it is difficult to pour concrete underwater.  Hope for dryer weather…or we may need to buy a […]

Michael’s Missive for May 3, 2019

First Pres Community – 1 – Arlene O’Rourke, member, entered the Church Triumphant this morning.  A Memorial Service will be held at Longview Funeral Home Chapel on Tuesday May 7 at 11am.  Please remember Arlene’s family in your prayers as we give thanks to God for her life. 2 – Cinco de Mayo IS happening […]

Michael’s Missives for May 1, 2019

First Pres Community – Happy May Day!  Not to be confused with “Mayday!”.  The first is a celebration of Spring, the other is a distress call.  And no, I am not wishing you a happy distressed call…though you may feel like making one during this wet and stormy week.  I am wishing you happiness during […]

Michael’s Missives for April 24, 2019

First Pres Community – “Show Me”.  I have heard the words and felt the attitude since I moved here.  Maybe it is the unpredictable weather that makes Missourians believe it when they see it. Last Sunday lived up to its billing…both Easter Services were truly glorious.  Good crowds at both.  I especially like seeing and […]

Michael’s Missive February 27, 2019

First Pres Community – Methodists.  Sunday.  Ash Wednesday.  Lent.  Corporation Meeting. Please pray for our Methodist friends and their denomination.  A Special Conference concluded yesterday that decided on a direction that impacts them all.  Our Presbyterian denomination covers only the US.  The Methodist denomination is global.  Agreement is hard enough in ours, it is even […]

Michael’s Missive March 6, 2019

First Pres Community – Weather permitting. Ash Wednesday. Daylight Savings. Corporation Meeting.  Sunday Worship. “Weather permitting” needs to precede everything we do these days.  I do hope and pray that everyone got the news on Sunday morning.  I don’t like cancelling before something happens in case it doesn’t…so if it’s iffy check KMBC on Sunday […]

Michael’s Missive for February 20, 2019

First Pres Community – Yes, I am writing about the weather again. Yes, this is going out on Thursday because yesterday was another snow day. Yes, I think “Wednesday” should be renamed “Snowday”. Yes, I am tired of the snow, the ice, the potholes, and the cancellations. Yes, I drove through the pothole obstacle course […]

Michael’s Missives February 13, 2019

First Pres Community – Sick. Sick of being sick and sick of slippery Sundays. Last Sunday was a tough call. I had group texts going with Session, Staff, and some other pastors. I was following the news on tv and online. Brummell came out both Saturday and Sunday. I was here at the church early […]

Michael’s Missives February 5, 2019

First Pres Community – Weather watch, Scouts Sunday, and a “not-so super” Bowl – If there is freezing rain on Wednesday and LS cancels school, then the church offices will be closed and there will be no Logos, Bells, and Choir. Apparently, LS Schools never open late…so if the weather warms up in the afternoon, […]