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Summary of Session Meeting August 21, 2018

The Session of First Presbyterian Church of Lee’s Summit held its regular meeting in the Center Room at the church on August 21, 2018. Moderator, Rev. Dr. Michael McCall called the meeting to order at 6:30pm with devotion, asked Elders to express something exciting that was happening in their lives and opened the meeting with prayer.
Guest, Rev. Dr. Dennis Haines, Capitol Gaines Campaign (CGC) chairman reported commitments as of August 20, 2018: $356,675 from 64 pledges plus $59,165 on the books when the campaign started for total pledged of $415,840. Rev. Dr. Haines expressed the hope we will know all projects and costs by next spring and all gifts will be received by December 31st, 2020.
Session discussed Ebenezer Too updates on projects. The sign and playground have been installed. The entry way and canopy Architects are preparing drawings and next steps will be to provide them to the city and contract structural engineers. As tasks proceed Session may have to have special meetings to discuss progress and costs. The Fellowship Hall Update Group (FHUG) met on August 5th and 14th to gather preliminary thoughts and lay out the group process. FHUG is comprised of Ann Ditty and Tom Beaver as co-chairs; Collene Akard, Zach Calder, Martha Delozier, Russ Headley, and Courtney Williams team members; and Tom Eagle, Dan Gehrke, Becky Gordy, Dick Kneip, Sharon Pyburn, and Josh Williams as consultants.
Summary of the financial statements:
As of July 31, 2018: For the Month Income: $41,773.97 Year to Date Income: $255,829.49
For the Month Expense: $35,254.13 Year to Date Income: $244,316.73
Cash in bank as of July 31: $45,125.13