First Pres Community – April Fools!!!!!   Don’t you just wish some voice would shout out “April Fools” and that all of this craziness was just a joke gone bad?  I sure do…but I know it is not a joke and that it is a serious challenge we are all going through.  Anxiety about illness or […]

First Pres Community – How ya doin’?  Hopefully by now most of you have received a phone call from someone from church to check in on you.  If you haven’t, let me know and I will get you on someone’s list.  It is important for you to reach out to each other as well.  If […]

First Pres Community – Jesus worshipped in his robe, now you can too!  🙂 Session has cancelled onsite Worship for March 22 and March 29…as well as all church activities through April 3…including tonight. Staff continues their work and the building does continue to be used by outside groups providing essential help to people. Online […]

First Pres Community – First, as we continue to watch the reports surrounding the Corona Virus (COVIS-19), now declared a pandemic, we are having conversations about our church life and ministry. The most important thing we can do is simple practices that we should do every cold and flu season. ·    Hand washing with soap and warm […]

First Pres Community – March forth on March Fourth!   I love word twists like that.  And I love that Spring may be here!  I know it’s early yet, but here’s hoping!!! THIS SUNDAY – Daylight Savings Time begins.  Set your clocks back (CORRECTION: You spring FORWARD one hour this Saturday night!!! (not back).)  Go to […]

Well the flu just took away last week (so no Missive).  Influenza type A is nasty stuff…so bad that you might want to do a virus scan on your computer after reading this. 🙂  Thank you to Barb Sherer for stepping in to preach and everyone else who helped out in my absence. Much of […]

First Pres Community – 3 items… 1 – Super Bowl Sunday.  Yes, we WILL be having church.  The game is not on until 5:30 or so (thank you NFL), so you have plenty of time to come worship God first…which you should be doing anyway.  (Wear KC red and don’t forget to pick up your […]

First Pres Community – The Chiefs are in the Super Bowl !!!   Some of you have 50 years or a lifetime to heart those words.  Congratulations.  May they get’er done. For me, there were some anxious moments in the last 2 games.  Like you, I stared at the tv in disbelief when everything went wrong […]

January 8, 2020 First Pres Community – Hard to believe.  Like the year 2000, it always seemed so far in the future…now it’s here.  What will it hold?  God only knows…but it is certainly a call to be a people of prayer. My daily prayers right now include: prayer for the people and the fires […]

First Pres Community –  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year! This will be my last Missive for 2019.  One week from today is Christmas.  Two weeks from today is New Year’s Day.  The Church Office will be closed Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day.  I will be gone some of that time so if you cannot […]