Michael’s Missives July 5, 2018

First Pres Community – The day after.  The day after Independence Day.  The day after the fireworks go off so late and loud.  The day after a regular missive goes out.  The day after the grandkids head back to CO.  The day after.  (Wasn’t there a movie by that name?) Anyway…we are back at it. […]

Michael’s Missives July 11, 2018

First Pres Community – Seven eleven.  May it be a lucky day for you!  (7 11 is giving out free Slurpees ) Thankfully those youth in Thailand got lucky…or rather had prayers answered and saw hard work pay off.  Now may they recover and be reunited.  Like you, I kept hoping and praying for their […]

Michael’s Missives July 25, 2018

First Pres Community – “Catch someone doing good?”  This is our campaign for the week beginning this Sunday.  Currently it is “Holy Humor” with many “funnies” up on the board on the way downstairs. The English teachers in our midst will probably correct me that it is “doing well” instead of “doing good”…but that sounds […]

Michael’s Missive, August 1, 2018

First Pres Community – The Church Picnic last Sunday was a blast!  Many thanks to the children who played the games, the youth who helped with them and with cleanup, the organizers who planned the event, the cooks and homemade ice cream makers, and all who attended and enjoyed.  Check out the pictures on the […]

Michael’s Missive August 30

First Pres Community –   Nature.  Wonder and devastation.  Praise and prayer.  Exaltation and intercession.   First, the eclipse.  Awe.  A jaw-dropping sight and experience that I will never forget.  The entire vacation was wonderful.  Beach time, time together, Portland time, time with friends, Timbers games, Central Oregon time, time with our son; it was […]


Michael’s Missive August 9

First Pres Community –   Red ink.  Someone placed a copy of my sermons notes in my mail slot that corrected my grammatical mistakes with red ink.  Part of me appreciates the help.  But my first response was “really???”  Most of what I write is a flow of thought.  I run spell and grammar check…but […]


Michael’s Missive August 2

First Pres Community –   Happy August!  It is a pleasant 86 here.  Meanwhile back in Oregon it is 106 plus smoke from fires…nothing close but send cool, wet prayers their way.   Last Sunday was wonderful.  Some of you said it was my best sermon of the Summer!  (Thanks a lot.)  Actually, our Youth […]


Michael’s Missive July 26

First Pres Community –   Rest.  As I write this, the church facility is perfectly quiet.  It is restful.  I know it is the calm before the storm of Fall and everything that will be happening here.  It is a time to pray, to study, to plan ahead, and to visit people.  Later today the […]


Michael’s Missive July 19

First Pres Community –   “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.  Red, brown, yellow, black, and white; they are precious in His sight.  Jesus loves the little children of the world.”   Love them like Jesus.  Keep them all in your prayers.  And come learn about another part of the […]


Michael’s Missive July 12

First Pres Community –   Happy Palindrome Week!   A palindrome is a sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards…like “dad” or “mom”.  Some famous ones are:  “Able was I ere I saw Elba“, “A man, a plan, a canal – Panama!”, “Madam, I’m Adam”.  A palindrome can also be numerical.  Today is 7.12.17…or 71217.  It […]